About Us

Shea Yoga was named from a very big, strong and long lasting – Shea tree. The shea tree is a traditional African food plant which has been claimed to have potential to improve nutrition and boost food supply in Africa. It’s fruits and nuts produce shea butter which has been used around the world as the main ingredients of cosmetics and fragrance.

Shea Yoga was created in 2013 by it’s founders which come from different backgrounds and gather here to reach their goal of providing a comfortable, peaceful and content yoga studio that will shape a healthy body, mind, soul and strong personality like the Shea tree.

Located in Serpong Tangerang – a suburb in west of Jakarta. The place is ideal for an escape from a very busy city of Jakarta. The surroundings are empty yards and fields with rambutan trees grow wildly in it. You can still hear birds singing and dancing in the morning and watch sunset in the afternoon.

View from our window

View from our studio

With the new spirit and new team, Shea is moving forward endlessly to serve all yoga lovers and students better.