We are supported by very talented, experienced and knowledgeable teachers who have passions and huge love in yoga. They are in alphabetical order as below:

Anna Lo

Anna Web NewShe has been practicing yoga since 2008 and treats yoga as a balancing tool for her in life. She starts her journey in teaching yoga from 2010. She is certified 200hr RYT with Purna yoga under John Ogivile. She also learns from many reknowned yoga teachers such as Olop Arpipi, Martin Kirk, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Ray Long, Maria Kristen, Judy Krupp, Steven Weiss, Ross Rayburn, Lei Sadakari(yogakids), Sebastian Pucelle (yinyoga), Yogi Charu, Stacy Schumann(Gravotonic). She also learned so much yoga from Indonesian teachers such as Slamet Riyanto, Uci Wijayanto, Dicky, Pujiastuti Sindhu(Prenatal yoga), Yuniar Siskayana, Guru Made Sumantra and Deera. Anna teaches Hatha, Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Gentle, Swing Yoga, Kids Yoga, Prenatal and Yoga Theraphy. Those styles of yoga compliments each other.
Anna blends her knowledge and skill from many Teacher Trainings and workshops. Her main concern is to be able to provide safe, smart and mindful yoga practice for different types of people.She believes there is always an option for every body in each asana and most importantly is opening the heart, mindfulness while listening to the body. It will lead us to be more grounded and centered with our practice.
Join her class to feel and get more connected with yourself.


Devi Handriyani

Devi WebThe word “yoga” appeared on her mind and attention to a book written by Pujiastuti Shindhu “Hidup Sehat dan Seimbang dengan Yoga” that later on became the foundation of her understanding about yoga.
In early 2013, in concomitant to her decision to release her corporate job, she automatically had more time to practice yoga. She keeps exploring on yoga, satisfying her growing interest to understand deeper on how the yoga practice can bring good feeling and sensation, more relaxation, and most of all how it was said to be able to calm the mind.
Cultivating her curiosity on how yoga may bring happier and enjoyable pregnancy, she enrolled herself to her first Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training on Dec 2014 taught by Pujiastuti Sindhu. She continued her voyage by joining Yin Yoga Teacher Training on Feb 2015 by Sebastian Pucelle. Afterwards she started to teach privately Prenatal Yoga and Basic Yoga class which she combined with Yin session.
Devi carried on her education into Yogamix Teacher Training by Slamet Riyanto on Oct-Dec 2015 to gain supplementary knowledge on human anatomy and sequencing her general class and other yoga styles to enrich her capability.
She loves teaching Prenatal Yoga which makes her feel so much love,  Yin Yoga which calms her steps and Hatha Yoga which strengthens her body.


Elisia Gozali

Elisia Shea Web
Elisia is a mother of four children. At the age of nearly 40, she is still very fit and looks much younger then her age.
She has been practicing yoga in Jakarta and Bali since 2009 and she is now a certified Yoga Trainer. She is actively pursuing many yoga classes and workshops.
You are welcome to join yoga class with her and reveal her secrets of living healthy, energetic and having peaceful mind.



Emy WebEmy is a calm and subtle person yet joyful and has a good sense of humour that everyone feels at ease and happy to be around her.
She had learned yoga since 2007 and took some Teacher Trainings at: JNICC (Jawaharlal Nehru Indian Cultural Center) in 2009, Basic Yoga at JNICC in 2010 by Guru Ravi Vempati, Hatha Yoga at Purinawa in 2010, Yoga for Fitness at Yoga Mix in 2011, RYS 200Hr Learn Yoga at Gudang-Gudang Yoga Alliance in 2013.
She also joined some yoga workshops and retreats in 2008 with Olop Arpipi, then with Edward Clark, Steven Weis, Daniel Aaron, Scott Levicki, Christina Sell, and still join more yoga trainings every now and then.
She loves travelling and tastes different types of food, but most of all she is very keen in sharing her yoga knowledge to everyone.

Evi Indriani

Evi WebEvi was a regular housewife who went to a gym for fun and health. She used to take aerobics, body combat and other high impact classes until she finally found her ultimate passion in yoga when she attended the class in 2004. Since then she started her yoga journey and began to practice intensively in early 2007 after giving birth to her second baby.
She began to teach private yoga in 2010 to her friends. Having completed a 120hr Yoga Mix Teacher Training in 2011 with Slamet Riyanto and Deera Dewi, she felt more confident to teach regular classes afterwards.
She kept enhancing her skills by joining workshops, teacher trainings and other yoga classes  in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore; such as Prana Flow (Franck Besolles 2009), Iyengar Yoga (Cle Souren 2010), Anusara Yoga (Bo Srey 2010, Desiree Rumbaugh 2010, Noah Maze 2011, Ross Rayburn 2012), Tripsichore Yoga (Edward Clark 2010), Yoga Swing by Gravotonics (Karen Finck 2011 and 2013), Yin Yoga (Sebastian Pucelle 2011), Yoga Leaf Kids Yoga (Pujiastuti Sindhu 2011), Power Yoga (Denise Payne 2011 and Bryan Kest 2013), Detox Flow (Les Leventhal 2012), Bosu Mind & Body (Helen Vanderburg 2012), Alchemy of the Heart Series (Peter Guinosso 2013), Yoga Anatomy (Leslie Kaminoff 2013), Yoga Flow (Sianna Sherman 2013), Bliss Baby Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga (Jennifer Allen 2015) etc.
Evi is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges a completion of a 200hr Purna Yoga Teacher Training with Byron Yoga RYS (Registered Yoga School) in Jakarta, 2013. She is now a part-time yoga instructor at Celebrity Fitness Jakarta since 2011.
Evi loves to teach Basic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga and Hot Yoga classes.


Indrawati Kusuma

Indrawati Web
She has been practicing yoga from 2008 and found her passion in Yoga. Interested not only in Hatha Yoga but also in Restorative yoga and Yoga Therapy. Most of all she likes Ashtanga Yoga as she believes it makes us know and understand more about ourselves. It is a battle between our ego and limitation to conquer yourself. Yoga is not just about Asana but it also brings lots of benefits and happiness to people surrounding us. Yoga changes your personality to be better one .
She has passed some Teacher Training such as 120 hours Yoga Mix Teacher Training by Slamet Riyanto in Jan–Mar 2015,
30 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, by Immanuel Cristiananto.


Irene Ellytan

EllyShe had a taste of yoga in the beginning of 2012 – did not like it so much as she rarely did any exercises before. However she kept trying learning and self practicing yoga until one day she realized that yoga had changed her soul and life. She felt more healthy, flexible and gained more passion to her daily activities. Since then she was serious in yoga and took many workshops and teacher training in 2013 such as:
– Alchemy of Heart Series by Pete Guinoso (May 2013)
– Power Fit by Dicky Sulistio & Diah Yoga (May 2014)
– Astanga Yoga for Fasting by Dicky Sulistio (July 2014)
– Rise and Shine by Deera Dewi (August 2015)
– Yoga Mix Teacher Training by Slamet Riyanto (October – December 2015)
She is keen to share yoga benefits for your life focusing on alignment and deep breathing exercise to strenghten and balancing your body and mind.


 Jenny Chindrawa

JennyJenny is a mother of two daughters who found that yoga has helped her to be healthier and introduced a little calming space between a busy and (sometimes) an anxious life. She believes that the little space will reflect and find herself more inspirations.
Jenny has been practising yoga since 2005 and teaching classes since 2007 with a qualification in Hatha Yoga from YogaLeaf school (200 hours RYT). Currently she has been progressing with Purna Yoga 500 hours Teacher Training.
Although she is strong in hatha yoga, she is also learning several styles such as Iyengar, Anusara, Universal yoga, Trichipcore, Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Therapy. She is also a qualified Prenatal and Power Swing yoga teacher.
Her classes are hatha based with a gentle approach to asana and pranayama. The classes provide an accesible practise for beginners and intermediate students to be able to explore and develop connections inside their body and mind.


Jimmy Thio

JimmyJimmy has had lots of experiences in Pilates workout. He had been teaching since 2004 in studios and famous fitness center in Jakarta and its surrounding.
He is still learning and develop his own pilates workout called Mix Pilates.
He is happy to teach everyone how to be fit, healthy, strong and owns heavenly body shape.



Maryati Ing

Maryati WebMaryati is a mother of two children and loves cooking.
She started learning yoga in 2007 and since then, she has been teaching and taking many yoga workshops and Teacher Trainings such as: Jahanatha Yoga by Uci in 2008, Yoga Mix 5 by Slamet Riyanto and Deera in 2012, Fundamental Yoga Course by Riana Singgih in 2015, Intensive Training by Olop Arpipi in 2013 and Intensive Training module 2 by Olop Arpipi in 2015.
Her specialty is doing Iyengar Yoga as she is very precise in body alignment and adjustment.
She is also strong in teaching Basic Yoga and willingly to help you building flexibility and performing excellent yoga posture.


Ulya Sari

Ully WebShe is a cheerful person who likes working with kids and has been teaching children for 8 years. Currently she is a Preschool Coordinator in Bintaro.
She took Kids Yoga Teacher Training from YogaLeaf by Pujiastuti Sindhu in December 2015.
She has a simple goal for her life which is “To share her happiness and knowledge with the children by doing yoga together and practice yoga with her own children later on”.
She really enjoys working with children because they bring so much fun and happiness. She believes children are sincere and have their own specialties according to their own characteristics.